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Mar 27

Training: Making the Most out of a Tournament

Training: Making the Most out of a Tournament


Because I’ve had no time to write something and I want to put something up, here’s a post about making the most out of a tournament. This applies not just to Smash, but to any game you’re attending tournaments for!

Originally posted on Melee It On Me:

The premise of this article stems from new players who want to get involved, but do not really know what they should be doing at a tournament.…

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Mar 10

The Voices of Women in the Super Smash Brothers Community -


Things are changing in the Super Smash Brothers Community. The community is growing larger every day, with new players coming out in droves to join. People are trying to be more aware and conscious of how their words and actions affect others. Things are changing for the better, but problems…

Mar 04

Salt (and why it can be good for you)

It’s not tomorrow until I go to sleep, so here’s today’s blog post!

Salty (Adjective) – To be (usually to a somewhat high degree) angry when losing. Generally used in competitive gaming.

I get angry when I lose in competitions.

Like, really angry.

I just want to punch whomever beat me in the face for outplaying me and taking advantage of things I did wrong. Why couldn’t I have done that instead? I should be the one advancing to the next round, I know I’m better…

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Feb 23

“Shuffle V on Winner’s Quarter’s right now in Super Smash Bros. Melee via VGBootCamp on MLG.tv. Check it out!” — I’m watching VGBootCamp on MLG.tv

Feb 15

What? Another posting schedule change?

Dearest Readers,

First off, my Super Mario 3D World review should’ve gone up last Friday, the 7th, but I accidentally had it to publish itself the 17th.

Secondly, I seem to be writing more of these updates than I am actually writing posts. I’ve been very…

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Jan 29

This #polarvortex is so real, pigeons are using the CTA heating stations.

This #polarvortex is so real, pigeons are using the CTA heating stations.